December battles announced


On December 17th we will pilot our model at the Rain Winter Jam at the Red Lion Pub in Leytonstone with two extended one-on-one battles. Audiences can experience the spectacle live or stream it online through the Boiled Heads facebook page The match ups are between some of the most exciting dancers currently on the scene.

About the dancers

Representing legendary Dutch Bboy crew The Ruggeds, Stepper is making a name for himself internationally with an incredibly detailed and original flow, built around a broad vocabulary of shapes. He is coming to London to battle Portugal’s Bgirl Vanessa. Vanessa combines her mastery of multiple dance-styles, never-say-die attitude and superhuman fitness to bring a creative intensity to the floor. The battle will test the clean breaking style of Stepper against Vanessa’s fiery mix of fight and flavour.

The second battle will be a UK affair centred around the next generation of the nation’s two dominant breaking crews – Manchester’s Smac19 and London’s Soul Mavericks. Representing Smac19, 18-year old Kid Karam upset the odds at this year’s UK Bboy Championships by reaching the final, where he was narrowly beaten by Soul Mavericks’ mercurial talisman Sunni – arguably the world’s number one dancer. Undeterred and on a mission to break the south’s perceived dominance of UK breaking, Karam will take on Soul Mavericks own protégé, Infante, in a battle which could indicate where the UK’s balance of power will lie in years to come. Young, powerful and raw, Infante is determined to uphold the reputation of his crew in the face of this challenge.


Stepper (The Ruggeds, Netherlands) vs Vanessa (Portugal)

Kid Karam (Smac19, UK) vs Infante (Soul Mavericks, UK)


Roxy (Breakin Hearts)

Echo (Battalions)

Spin (Soul Mavericks)


Venue: The Red Lion – 640 High Road Leytonstone, E11 3AA Battles: 8.30pm-9.30pm Tickets: £5 (gains access to the Rain Winter Jam, which runs from 5pm to 10pm)