Meet BGirl Vanessa

newvanessaHailing from Portugal, Vanessa Marina (aka BGirl Vanessa) moved to London three years ago to train with some of the country’s top crews and take her breaking to the next level. Her mastery of multiple dance-styles, never-say-die attitude and superhuman fitness means that she brings a creative intensity to the floor that is being noticed across Europe. Her most recent conquest is Battle Authentik in Toulouse, France, where her and Spin (Soul Mavericks) won the final of the Bonnie & Clyde battle.

Vanessa’s next big test will be against The Ruggeds’ Stepper, who she will face one-on-one at the Rain Winter Jam on December 17th, in a battle arranged and promoted by Boiled Heads. We’ll be posting more on her journey and preparation for the battle between now and December. Stay tune to our social media for more information.

For a sneak peak of what to expect from Vanessa, see the video below of her and Roxy edging out Igri Bozz and Assassin, at this year’s World Bboy Classic, with Vanessa taking the deciding round.