Pauline in 11 questions


“I love the feeling of being in shape – when you move with ease and your mind is sharp, ready to battle.”

Please introduce yourself. Pauline, Styles Confidential crew, 25 years old, from Rotterdam.

How did you get into breaking? I started breaking together with my brother. He is my best mentor for honest feedback when it comes to breaking.

What kept you coming back? Breaking gives me opportunities to travel and to meet great people around the world. I get inspired and motivated to improve. Also, I love the feeling of being in shape – when you move with ease and your mind is sharp, ready to battle.

How would you describe your style? I would describe my style as energetic and fast.

Who in particular has influenced you? Well, I like to watch dancers with distinctive character: the boys from Skill Methodz Crew, for example.

What music are you into? How does this influence your dance? I listen all kinds of music. At home it is usually jazz but at practice I like beats with lots of energy. But old school hip hop is also nice, from time to time.

What are your goals with breaking? How far from them are you, in your opinion? With moves in particular, I would love to master the airflare and then being able to do airpower. At the moment I am stuck at groundpower level. With battling I want to battle more 1-on-1’s and travel more.

What are your favourite things about breaking? To battle and to travel.

Least favorite? The moment you are not in shape and you feel like you are losing moves.

You’ll be battling Kelvin from the UK. What do you think you’ll have to do to beat him? Of course, I looked him up on YouTube… In 2015 danced at king of the Kidz! – an event organized by my crew buddy Tbone. I was probably there as well… He is really good! I think the biggest challenge will be to perform the 9 rounds.

Will endurance be an issue? The pressure not to lose against my stamina is what I feel at the moment. I want it to be a hype battle from beginning to end! 9 rounds is a lot, especially with only short breaks in between. I hope to work on my muscle memory, so I don’t lose too much energy concentrating on the things I want to do, rather than the execution and the performance as a whole.

Pauline will be battling the UK’s Kid Kelvin on April 1st at the Rain Spring Jam, in a match up being promoted by Boiled Heads. For tickets see, use the code BoiledHeads for discounted tickets.