Fababy speaks


“If the music’s good you don’t have to worry about endurance”

Tell us about yourself. My name’s Fababy, I live in Charleroi (Belgium) and represent Brussels and Charleroi.

How did you start dancing? I’ve been dancing for four years. I started in a youth club called ‘La Broc’. The only teacher I’ve had is called Sanji Del Fabbro.

You’re part of the crew Funky Belgian’Z. How did you get together? I’ve been part of Funky Belgian’Z for two years. I knew them because my teacher was in the crew and I was friends with Tirock, another of the crew members.

How would you describe your style? I have quite a rounded style. It’s based on humour and African influences.

How would you describe breaking culture in Belgium? Dancers are undervalued and battles aren’t committed.

For April 1st Chilly from Rain Crew/Soul Mavericks said he wanted to battle you specifically. Do you take this as a compliment or a challenge? It’s a compliment, but at the same time he’s a bboy so you have to take it as a challenge.

How do you think you can beat him? I have a lot of style and so does he. So, I need to impose my style.

Do you have the endurance to battle 9 rounds? I’m in shape, and anyway if the music’s good you don’t even need to worry about fitness!

Fababy will be battling London’s Chilly on April 1st at the Rain Spring Jam, in a match up being promoted by Boiled Heads. For tickets see rainspringjam2018.eventbrite.co.uk, use the code BoiledHeads for discounted tickets.