Kid Kelvin on the rise


“I’ve always been most inspired by the people I’m close with, the people I know.”

Please introduce yourself. My name’s Kelvin Clark, aka Bboy Kid Kelvin. I‘m 18 years old and from Nottingham-Derby and my crew is called MidGang.

How did you get into breaking? I’d seen breaking in movies and on TV and then my elder sister started going to classes and I came with her. She got me into it.

What kept you coming back? There were a few times growing up I lost the love for breaking and just got into other things. But wherever I went I was always dancing and so would just end up getting pulled back into it.

Who in particular has influenced you? I’ve always been most inspired by the people I’m close with, the people I know. So my crew MidGang has always been a source of inspiration to me. When I was younger I trained with Trinity Warriors. Bboy Foggy has been a big influence. And Kid Karam, he was already breaking when I started but we’ve come up together and we’re best friends. He’s always been an inspiration to me.

Who are some of the dancers you rate in the UK at the moment? Sunni, Karam, Spin, Infante, Bboy McLean, Gustas

Do you think that in the UK breaking scene there’s a big divide between London and the rest? Not really. London’s not the only place with big names.

What music do you listen to, and how does it influence you? I listen to a lot of hip hop. I listen to J Cole every single day, he’s one of my big inspirations.

How would you describe your style as a dancer? I’m not sure! I try to be an all round bboy and cover every area.

Where are you trying to get to in breaking? Every time I see people they tell me I’ve improved, but I feel like I’ve still got a lot further to go. I’m not sure where I am right now, to be honest.  I just need to keep getting better, I want to make a career out of this.

You’ll be battling Pauline from Rotterdam on Easter Sunday at the Rain Spring Jam. Do you know much about her? I’ve not seen much of her but I checked her out and she’s dope. I know its gonna be heated!

Are you worried about doing 9 rounds – will endurance be an issue? Haha yeah, 9  rounds is a lot. The other day I was about to eat some chocolate and then remembered the 9 rounds! Its something you have to prepare for.

Kid Kelvin will be battling the Rotterdam’s Pauline on April 1st at the Rain Spring Jam, in a match up being promoted by Boiled Heads. For tickets see, use the code BoiledHeads for discounted tickets.