The real deal on Cri6


“I just want to be real in my style. I just want to be the best version of me…”

Tell us who you are. My name is Youness El Mouaffaq, I’m 24, from Fez, Morocco and I represent El Mouwahidine crew.

How did you get into breaking? In 2005. I was learning Taekwondo and some bboys always came in after our session and I would watch them. As a kid they impressed me with their flips and tricks and I was like “woah, I want to do the same”.

How would you describe your style? Well my style, I like to dance free. I use my flexibility. So I just try to find the next difficult move.

How did breaking get to be so popular in Morocco? Well back in the days there were a lot of battles and exhibitions and I think that played a big role. Also there were callouts and people battling for respect, it created interest.

Is there a particular style that Moroccan breakers have? We have some Moroccan energy. The way we live, the way we grew up, it influences how we dance.

You travel a lot internationally. Where have you been in the past 12 months? China, Ivory Coast, Estonia, Austria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and now I’m in the UK. There were others, I think I visited 13 or 14 countries.

With all the travel do you get to see much of your crew? Yeah. Before it was quite difficult because a lot of members moved to Europe, but I’ve been able travel to Austria in particular where my crew mates Lil’ Zoo and Wolf are based. It’s cool to be there for 3 or 4 weeks with them, training and preparing for battles.

You’ve won the North African edition of Red Bull BC One a number of times. What is the next big goal for you in breaking? I just want to be real in my style. I just want to be the best version of me on the international scene.

You’ll be battling Marius on Easter Sunday. Have you battled him before? Yeah I met him in the UK two years ago. He’s a good dancer. It’ll be an interesting exchange.

What do you think you’ll need to do to win? That’s a good question! I need to bring the best of my style, to be clean, to be on beat and to be confident. And its nine rounds, so it’s about stamina – it’s actually a challenge I want to take on.

Cri6 will be battling MDK’s Marius on April 1st at the Rain Spring Jam, in a match up being promoted by Boiled Heads. For tickets see, use the code BoiledHeads for discounted tickets.