Clint Sinclair

clint biography

Clint Sinclair has been a part of the UK dance scene for 15 years and is a founding member and director of East London dance company Rain Crew. As well as winning a number of battle titles, both as a solo performer and with his crew, Clint has danced with the National Ballet and Boy Blue Entertainment and performed at venues including the O2 Arena and Saddlers Wells, where his crew was the closing act for Breaking Convention in 2011.

With the support of his crew he created the Rain Jam, a quarterly event sponsored by Relentless that has grown to become a staple for the hip hop dance community. His dance-based youth initiatives have been funded by the Westminster Arts and Youth Sports Trusts and the Scarman Trust.

Clint teaches regular classes in breaking in East London. As a respected figure in the dance community he is regularly invited to judge battles and teach workshops around the country.